Black + Sacramento = Blackamento

What is Blackamento? We are all about spreading information about the black community. Our goal is to get you moving, supporting and spending your money with local black people. We want you to experience what we know to be true. Black people in Sacramento are awesome. Please enjoy our humble attempts at cheerleading all your efforts to stay, do and be positive.

Forgive our small site for not being as functional as the larger and advanced ones, we only have one employee: cough, me. I am slowing learning and adding new things backend and frontend for you. If you like this site and believe in the Bacramento community, please support so the site can develop faster.

How does event submission work?

  1. It all starts when you submit your event on our form
  2. After you submit your event, we check to see if it’s cool on our end.
  3. Your awesome event gets posted and show all of Sacramento what's up.

Advancement Log

  • 3.5.2018: Blackamento 1.0 Goes Live.